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As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Jarial’s goal is for all patients to feel amazing and confident in their own skin. He makes sure that patients are informed of all the available procedures to augment and enhance body contours. One newer procedure, the Brazilian butt lift is quickly gaining momentum for its ability to minimize excess fat in the abdominal area and redistribute it to the buttock area for improved overall shape.

Brazilian butt lifts are a great way to improve the shape of the body, giving patients a smaller waist and fuller buttocks. This is accomplished through fat transfer. Fat is removed from the midsection or flanks and redistributed to the buttocks area.

After Brazilian butt lifts, patients are thrilled with their new figure. Some of the feedback we often receive:

  • Increased confidence when wearing bathing suits and fitted clothing
  • Delighted at new and improved “hourglass” figure

Most women in good health and close to their ideal body weight are candidates for Brazilian butt lifts. During the consultation, the doctor will evaluate the areas specified by the patient and discuss ways he can improve them. For patients with excess fat in the midsection and lack of fullness in the buttocks, Brazilian butt lifts can be the perfect remedy. After the procedure, patients can enjoy the improvement in both areas.

As with all surgeries, there are some minor risks associated with Brazilian butt lifts such as bleeding, bruising, or swelling. Patients can sit after the procedure but should avoid sitting for prolonged periods of time. We recommend patients sleep on their stomachs and begin walking right away to minimize side effects. Compression garments will need to be worn for about six weeks.

To learn more about the benefits of Brazilian butt lifts in the Palm Beach area, call us today at (561) 249-0390.


I was very satisfied with Dr. Jarial and his staff specially his Medical Asst. Claudia, they are both terrific. I felt so much love, and I totally love my results so far, only a week after surgery and my body feels amazing I can’t wait to see my final results, but so far I loved Dr. Jarial job My tummy was very big after loosing all those pounds as soon as I got home and saw myself in the mirror I could’nt believe that was me, my boobs are still swollen and the implants have not dropped down , but I’ve done my search and I know they will settle in place

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