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By turning to RSJ Plastic Surgery, you are getting an effective treatment to improve the appearance of your crow’s feet and worry lines, administered with utmost safety: Botox® in West Palm Beach.

The FDA-approved procedure is among the most studied medical aesthetic treatments. Known to be well-tolerated and safe, your results and experience with Botox® depends on the training and skill level of the professional injecting the solution into those muscles responsible for the repeated contractions that produce dynamic and eventually static expression lines.

From the RSJ office in Loxahatchee, Board-certified surgeon Dr. Ravinder Jarial applies his skill and knowledge, so you feel little more than a pinch as the Botox® solution is precisely injected through a fine needle to whatever areas bother you. Areas may be numbed to minimize discomfort. Common side effects are no different than with many other nonsurgical, minimally-invasive procedures, including:

  • Mild redness
  • Slight bruising
  • Temporary tenderness

Many of these effects can be relieved with cosmetics or a cold compress. If you’ve turned to medi-spas for treatment, you’re not always assured a professional with extensive training is administering your Botox® Cosmetic. If injections aren’t placed properly, medication can migrate to nearby tissues. You’ll know Botox® may have spread if:

  • Your eyelid is droopy
  • Eyebrows appear crooked
  • Your smile looks like lopsided
  • Your eyes are watering significantly
  • Emergency care is needed in the rare event Botox® spreads to other parts of the body.

Partnering with Dr. Jarial and his team at RSJ Plastic Surgery minimizes dangers associated with improper Botox® administration. As with all medications and procedures, even the most proven approaches can be dangerous in the wrong hands and wrong setting. Professional expertise also assures effects are limited only to the injected muscles and the rest of your face doesn’t appear frozen. You’ll be able to make a completely natural-looking facial expression. Botox® can also be safely combined with other minimally-invasive products, such as dermal fillers, and surgical procedures like facelifts.

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