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At RSJ Plastic Surgery in West Palm Beach, we customize breast procedures to give each of our patients the beautiful bust they have always wanted. Our focus in each breast procedure is the achievement of beautiful, natural-looking results.


Numerous factors can affect the size, shape, and lift of the breasts. Breast augmentation surgery enhances bust size using either saline or silicone-filled implants. Dr. Jarial has extensive education and training in the options that are popular today, including Gummy Bear implants. Our patients receive the information they need to make a confident decision about breast augmentation surgery.


Along with age and gravity, the shape of breasts may also be affected by pregnancy and breastfeeding, by hereditary factors, and by weight fluctuations. Breasts that have become saggy and misshapen can be beautifully lifted with a mastopexy procedure. Women whose breasts fall farther down the chest than they once did, or whose breasts have become oblong or more tubular in shape, can feel better about their appearance by restoring optimal lift to this area of the body. The procedure may be combined with breast augmentation.


Excessively large breasts can be problematic, leading to uncomfortable issues such as poor posture and chronic head, neck, and shoulder pain. Pressure on bra straps can cause them to dig into the tissue on the shoulders. Women with very large breasts may find it difficult to exercise, or may feel self-conscious doing so. They may develop persistent rashes beneath the breasts, and may develop tingling or numbness in the hands due to pinched nerves in the upper spine. Breast reduction surgery carefully trims excess fat in a manner that retains the natural contours of the breasts.


Breast reconstruction can restore optimal confidence in the event of a major lumpectomy or mastectomy. This procedure can also correct congenital birth defects or poor results from a previous breast augmentation. Breast reconstruction is performed to restore cup size and natural breast shape, to re-create a natural-looking nipple, if necessary, and to achieve the most natural feel.

Breast procedures should be trusted to an experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Jarial. To discover how you can attain your ideal physique, call RSJ Plastic Surgery in West Palm Beach.

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