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West Palm Beach & Fort Lauderdale Facial Implants

Why facial implants?

The insertion of facial implants is one type of procedure available in a group of procedures known as facial feminization surgery (FFS). RSJ Plastic Surgery offers this collection of procedures in West Palm Beach & Fort Lauderdale that can feminize a patient’s appearance and minimize traditionally masculine features.

Cheek augmentation is the most common implant-utilizing procedure in FFS. Female cheeks are usually fuller and rounder, with higher, more prominent cheekbones than male cheeks – which are typically flat or recessed. Fuller, higher cheeks also cast more light into the eyes, making them appear bigger, brighter, and more feminine. At RSJ Plastic Surgery, Dr. Jarial can augment your cheeks by inserting facial implants to give the desired feminine appearance.

Facial implants are sometimes used in chin augmentation too but this is much less common – the masculine chin is usually sufficient in size to recontour to a feminine-appearing chin. Typically only when the chin is very weak or an overbite is present are chin implants used.

How are facial implants inserted?

In cheek augmentation, Dr. Jarial will make an incision either in the mouth or just under the eyelashes to insert the facial implants (depending on the type of implant being used) – so there’s no scarring from this procedure. Once the cheekbone has been accessed, implants are inserted and fastened with small screws to keep them firmly in place.

In the more rare procedure of chin augmentation, the chin can also be conveniently accessed through the mouth and the facial implants inserted and fastened.

What should I expect after my facial implant procedure?

After Dr. Jarial has inserted facial implants via cheek augmentation, you will experience swelling for approximately two weeks – to reduce the swelling you can sleep with extra pillows to keep your head and face higher than the rest of your body and your heart. Your cheeks may be stiff and sore, but any pain can be managed with regular painkillers. You may also experience some numbness – this is temporary.

Facial implants in the chin are usually inserted during chin surgery – you can read more about how the procedure is conducted at RSJ Plastic Surgery in Florida and what to expect afterward here.

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