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West Palm Beach & Fort Lauderdale Mandible Contouring And Tracheal Shaving Procedure

Why mandible contouring and tracheal shaving?

Males tend to have long, wide, and angular jaws – giving the male jawline a firm, square look. Female jaws, on the other hand, are typically softer, smoother, and more rounded. Fortunately, the jaw is a facial feature that can be significantly modified and feminized. At RSJ Plastic Surgery in Florida, Dr. Jarial can reduce the size and modify the shape of a large, wide, or prominent jaw with mandible contouring.

An Adam’s apple is a key gender indicator and, at RSJ Plastic Surgery, Dr. Jarial can reduce that, too. One of the most immediately obvious differences between men and women, the Adam’s apple is built up in males during puberty as the cartilage of the voice box grows and the voice deepens. This cartilage can be surgically shaved in a tracheal shaving procedure at our Florida premises.

How are mandible contouring and tracheal shaving performed?

In a mandible contouring procedure, Dr. Jarial easily accesses the jaw through the mouth (and scars are avoided). The jaw is sawed to achieve the desired shape, reducing the width and the height as needed. The “back corners” can be shaved down this way, too. At RSJ Plastic Surgery, this procedure is often conducted at the same time as chin surgery (which you can read more about here).

Tracheal shaving is a fairly safe and minimally invasive procedure. Excess cartilage is removed from the voice box and the vocal chords are carefully preserved, reducing or removing the Adam’s apple. At RSJ Plastic Surgery, the incision for a tracheal shave is made under the chin to minimize obvious scarring.

What should I expect after my mandible contouring and tracheal shaving?

Most patients will spend one night in a West Palm Beach & Fort Lauderdale hospital recovering after mandible contouring. Swelling will persist after the procedure, generally becoming less noticeable after three weeks (but may remain for several months). A compression bandage is worn around the head for seven days after mandible contouring to help with this. Most patients experience some numbness but this is usually temporary.

After tracheal shaving, a sore throat may be experienced but the overall discomfort is minor and should largely subside within 24 hours. Any pain can be comfortably managed with normal painkillers.

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