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Spider veins West Palm Beach


If you’re reading this, you may be among the 40 to 45 percent of men or 50 to 55 percent of women suffering with problem veins. You don’t have to live with unsightly spider veins in West Palm Beach and the surrounding area anymore, thanks to RSJ Plastic Surgery’s gentle, convenient, and effective sclerotherapy treatment.


Any vein can become a red, blue, or purple spider vein. The muscles in your legs help the narrow, elastic walls of the veins transport blood to the heart where arteries carry the blood to tissues.

Age-related changes cause the valves that regulate blood flow to weaken and allow some blood to collect and cause spider veins.

Regularly sitting or standing for long periods of time can cause spider veins, because blood doesn’t flow optimally. A few extra pounds can place additional pressure on the veins.

Spider veins are typically harmless, but if they also burn or ache it’s all the more important to contact your trusted, skilled specialist in Loxahatchee: Dr. Ravinder Jarial.


If Dr. Jarial determines sclerotherapy is the best approach, the procedure starts with cleansing the treatment area. With your legs elevated, a medicated solution will be injected into the problem veins with a fine needle. The medication causes the vein’s lining to swell and the malfunctioning valves are closed off so the blood isn’t allowed to leak back into the veins and doesn’t pool. Scar tissue develops and eventually disappears.

It only takes a few minutes to treat each vein. You may feel a slight stinging and cramping during the injection. Follow instructions provided by the doctor to reveal a smooth appearance in as little as three to six weeks. Call (561) 249-0390 to schedule a consultation and find out more about your treatment options.


I have been wanting to have surgery, to give me hips for a long time, so I began researching months ago. Finally I found a place in Weston to do the surgery. Unfortunately, after blood tests and consultations – on the day that my surgery was meant to take place, they called me and informed that the doctor was no longer with them and that they did not have any other doctor working at their facility – they said that their office had closed down a few days prior. Dr. Jarial met on a Saturday with me. That following Monday – 3 days since my consult – I had my surgery. Everything was wonderful, and went beautifully. The anesthesiologist was very informative, he made sure I understood everything. I can’t stress this enough, Dr Jarial is amazing. And the staff was very professional. After my surgery, they were all around my bed to make sure I was doing okay. Then everyone walked me out to my friends car, making sure that I was feeling well enough to travel. Thank you all so much, and especially to you Dr. Ravinder Jarial.

Magda N.
Brazilian Butt Lift Palm Beach


As a plastic surgeon, Dr. Jarial’s goal is for all patients to feel amazing and confident in their own skin. He makes sure that patients are informed of all the available procedures to augment and enhance body contours. One newer procedure, the Brazilian butt lift is quickly gaining momentum for its ability to minimize excess fat in the abdominal area and redistribute it to the buttock area for improved overall shape.

Brazilian butt lifts are a great way to improve the shape of the body, giving patients a smaller waist and fuller buttocks. This is accomplished through fat transfer. Fat is removed from the midsection or flanks and redistributed to the buttocks area.

After Brazilian butt lifts, patients are thrilled with their new figure. Some of the feedback we often receive:

  • Increased confidence when wearing bathing suits and fitted clothing
  • Delighted at new and improved “hourglass” figure

Most women in good health and close to their ideal body weight are candidates for Brazilian butt lifts. During the consultation, the doctor will evaluate the areas specified by the patient and discuss ways he can improve them. For patients with excess fat in the midsection and lack of fullness in the buttocks, Brazilian butt lifts can be the perfect remedy. After the procedure, patients can enjoy the improvement in both areas.

As with all surgeries, there are some minor risks associated with Brazilian butt lifts such as bleeding, bruising, or swelling. Patients can sit after the procedure but should avoid sitting for prolonged periods of time. We recommend patients sleep on their stomachs and begin walking right away to minimize side effects. Compression garments will need to be worn for about six weeks.

To learn more about the benefits of Brazilian butt lifts in the Palm Beach area, call us today at (561) 249-0390.


I was very satisfied with Dr. Jarial and his staff specially his Medical Asst. Claudia, they are both terrific. I felt so much love, and I totally love my results so far, only a week after surgery and my body feels amazing I can’t wait to see my final results, but so far I loved Dr. Jarial job My tummy was very big after loosing all those pounds as soon as I got home and saw myself in the mirror I could’nt believe that was me, my boobs are still swollen and the implants have not dropped down , but I’ve done my search and I know they will settle in place

Breast Implants West Palm Beach


There are many reasons a woman in the West Palm Beach, FL area might consider breast augmentation surgery. For some, significant weight loss, especially following a pregnancy, can lead to breasts appearing smaller and flatter, even droopy. This can also occur simply due to aging and skin laxity. Other patients may have always hoped for a more lifted or fuller shape. Still, others may be looking for reconstruction following a mastectomy because of breast cancer.

When a patient begins to consider breast enhancement, she often isn’t sure where to turn. Many patients find referrals for the best surgeons through their friends, family, or physicians. Dr. Ravinder Jarial of RSJ Plastic Surgery in West Palm Beach has helped countless patients improve the contours of their bodies and their self-confidence with breast augmentation services.

When women visit him for a breast augmentation consultation, Dr. Jarial discusses their options and what to expect from the surgery. He indicates that women who have successful breast enhancement procedures typically:

  • Have fully developed breasts
  • Are physically healthy
  • Are at a consistent and healthy weight and do not plan to get pregnant
  • Believe their breasts are too small, deflated, have lost their shape, or are asymmetrical

Prior to the appointment, Dr. Jarial urges patients to carefully consider their reasons for wanting to undergo surgery, their expectations, and their desired results. Discussing these factors with your surgeon ensures that you get the outcome you want. Dr. Jarial will review your medical history and your current list of medications and supplements. During the consultation, the surgeon will examine the breasts and their proportion to the body, taking detailed measurements. When patients are good candidates for surgery, Dr. Jarial develops a plan and helps them choose the right size implant for their body. It’s important that the surgery deliver beautiful, and natural, results.

To learn more about breast enhancement surgery, call the RSJ Plastic Surgery office today. Dr. Jarial and his team will work closely with you to ensure that the process and results are exactly what you deserve.

Tummy Tuck Surgery West Palm Beach


A woman’s body can change over time and for many reasons. However, one of the biggest and most dramatic changes occurs during pregnancy when the stomach must grow significantly. For some women, the stomach will snap back into shape after the baby is born. Others, however, are left with a great deal of excess skin, lack of elasticity, or a stomach “pooch” that just won’t go away.

When a person is uncomfortable with how she looks, her self-confidence can take a significant hit, leading to problems in her personal, professional, and social life. Regardless of the reason why a person has sagging skin in the stomach, it’s important to know that it doesn’t have to impact your life forever. Dr. Ravinder Jarial of RSJ Plastic Surgery in West Palm Beach is an experienced surgeon who offers the tummy tuck procedure for women throughout West Palm Beach, South Florida. He understands that undergoing surgery is not a small decision.

Therefore, he offers these important considerations:

  • Tummy tuck surgery is a safe and long-term solution to removing unwanted fat and sagging skin. It works by lifting sagging tissue and tightening abdominal muscles.
  • Preparation for the surgery should begin a month or more in advance. Patients should be at their ideal weight and have no future plans for pregnancy as weight loss or gain can impact the results of the surgery.
  • Following surgery, patients should expect some discomfort, swelling, and bruising. It’s important to remember that the procedure is a surgery and recovery will take some time. Within a few weeks, most patients are moving comfortably and the bruising has faded. Within two months, patients should see full results as the swelling will have completely subsided.
  • Patients should continue to have good eating habits and a routine exercise program to ensure their stomachs stay at the ideal shape.

Dr. Jarial knows that not everyone can achieve the shape they want through diet and exercise alone. He also feels strongly that individuals should not feel uncomfortable about their appearance. Dr. Jarial has many years of experience helping patients achieve their ideal figure and appearance. For more information about tummy tuck surgery, call the RSJ Plastic Surgery office today.

Liposuction Procedure West Palm Beach


If you look around at all the beautiful men and women in our part of the country, you may realize that a large number have had work done to sculpt such perfect bodies. According to statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, liposuction procedures outnumbered breast augmentation, reaching just over 342,000 in 2014. An interesting note about the liposuction procedure is that more men are seeking treatment than ever before. West Palm Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Jarial performs this treatment to high standards that leave patients feeling significantly more satisfied with their appearance.


The goal of the liposuction procedure is to remove excess fat. This is accomplished through small incisions and gentle suction. The use of special fluid at the onset of the procedure creates a more comfortable experience. Liposuction may be performed on the hips, thighs, abdomen, back, buttocks, chest, and other areas, creating the sculpted appearance that is desired.


An important aspect of the liposuction procedure is maintenance. Though numerous fat cells are removed, slimming down the target area, fat cells that remain can expand. In most cases, if weight gain does occur, fat accumulates throughout the body rather than in the localized area where liposuction was performed.

Patients who undergo liposuction on larger areas such as the buttocks, abdomen, hips, or thighs, are encouraged to maintain their results by implementing healthy lifestyle habits that they can keep up for years following the procedure. Typically, we see people turn to liposuction after they have tried to sculpt their body with diet and exercise. Maintaining these habits after liposuction protects the investment and the hard work that has been made to gain a more attractive figure.


Opting for plastic surgery is a very personal decision. Knowing how you would like to look, and making the commitment to eat healthy and exercise are two major components to the overall success of liposuction surgery. Optimal results are typically achieved in individuals who are within 20-25 pounds of their healthy body weight, and who are seeking body contouring for their own satisfaction (not for someone else’s approval).

Patients who visit RSJ Plastic Surgery discover the benefits of experience and high standards. To learn more about liposuction, call (561) 249-0390.

Need To Know: Brazilian Butt Lift West Palm Beach


Body contouring procedures have seen exponential growth in recent years. Not only do we have more ways to shape the body, but men and women alike have become increasingly aware of their desired shape, and are not afraid to go out and get it. Of the various procedures that West Palm Beach plastic surgeon Dr. Ravinder Jarial performs, it is the Brazilian Butt Lift many patients want to know more about.

The Brazilian Butt Lift, as it sounds, is focused on improving the size and shape of the buttocks. From this primary goal, many patients also realize that the areas that complement the buttocks are nicely enhanced by the reshaping of the backside.


When many people consider the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure, what they imagine is augmentation; that the goal of surgery is to simply enlarge the buttocks. The truth is, a lack of consideration for surrounding areas could lead to unsatisfactory results. This procedure is not about enlargement alone, but about creating beautiful proportions from the lower back, down the curvature of the buttocks, and around the hips, as well.

To create the curvaceous backside that you want, Dr. Jarial may actually do very little augmentation. Sometimes, all that is needed to enhance the appearance of the buttocks is to contour the shape of the abdomen and flanks via the liposuction procedure. During a consultation, you will discuss how to best achieve your desired look.


When plastic surgery such as liposuction or the Brazilian Butt Lift is performed, surrounding contours will also change, even if they are not touched. This can be advantageous when the primary procedure is performed with this in mind. The synergistic effect of one or both of these procedures, such as the Brazilian Butt Lift with liposuction of the hips, can result in a symmetrically beautiful shape that improves overall proportions.

See what is possible for your body when you visit RSJ Plastic Surgery in West Palm Beach. View our photo gallery to learn more about the Brazilian Butt Lift. Then schedule a visit with Dr. Jarial to discover your best shape.

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